Meet the new Italian Har Hevron 'ambassador'

He lives in Italy, is running for parliament, and has recently started acting as an ambassador for Har Hevron.

Eliran Aharon ,

Vincenzo Saladino at Har Hevron Regional Council
Vincenzo Saladino at Har Hevron Regional Council
Har Hevron Regional Council

He lives in Italy, has strong ties to the Italian parliament and has recently started functioning as ambassador of the Har Hevron Regional Council in Italy.

Vincenzo Saladino is an Italian businessman and supporter of Israel who recently decided to turn his pro-Israel sentiments into action. He attributes his change of mindset to the popular European boycott of Israeli products, an initiative that motivated him to invest his personal time and effort to countering the phenomenon, which has spread to Italy as well.

His connection to the efforts which he now leads on behalf of Israel started from his business relationship-turned-friendship with Israel, a resident of Har Hevron and owner of a company that provides security services to individuals and businesses worldwide. Over the past year, Israel has divided his time between his international business and his new position as head of the Foreign Affairs Desk at the Har Hevron Regional Council.

This is a position that he assumed by request of the Council, who sought to utilize the experience and connections that Israel has accumulated over the years during his business dealings with senior entities throughout the world.

Regarding the relationship between them, Israel relates, “About a year ago, my longtime friend Vincenzo contacted me and asked how he could utilize his connections and business dealings to counter the European boycott. I was not surprised by his request; I knew that he was a supporter of Israel, and the first thing I did was ask him to join me on a tour of Har Hevron, the gorgeous region where I live.”

Vincenzo obliged and went on a tour of Har Hevron, during which he visited the heritage site at Sussia, the Tomb of the Patriarchs, Three Angels Outlook and Beit Hagai. He also met with the Head of the Regional Council, Yochai Damari. During their meeting, Damari explained the strategic importance of Har Hevron to the State of Israel’s security, and the subversive efforts of European governments and organizations to undermine the Israeli presence in the region.

Vincenzo was surprised to hear of the connections that already exist with the Arab neighbors and the economic collaboration that is taking place between them as a result of the leadership crisis between the Arabs and the Palestinian Authority.

After the tour, which left a strong impression on Vincenzo, the Council decided to appoint Vincenzo as its official ambassador to Italy, for the purpose of leading PR efforts to raise support for Har Hevron.

As part of this position, Vincenzo utilizes his many connections in Italy to bring delegations and tourists to Har Hevron, with the objective of exposing them to what he witnessed firsthand on his tour of the region. Vincenzo also assists in finding supporters for projects underway in the settlements.

Yochai Damari, head of the Regional Council, said, “I have no doubt that the tour had a serious impact on Vincenzo and caused him to take part in the efforts on behalf of Har Hevron. The reality here is surprising, as it shows the utter falsity of the lies being spread by those who hate Israel.

“I am very happy that we have him as our ambassador to bring the true voice of Har Hevron to Italy, as well as being active in his community and encouraging others to come see for themselves and support the Zionist endeavors here in Har Hevron. Until now, we have met many Europeans who support the Palestinian story here in Har Hevron. The time has come to turn the tables.”

Vincenzo Saladino at Hebron
Har Hevron Regional Council