PM to demand Pollard be allowed to come to Israel

Prime Minister Netanyahu will ask President Trump to waive Jonathan Pollard's parole conditions and allow him to immigrate to Israel.

Uzi Baruch ,

Jonathan Pollard,
Jonathan Pollard,

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu is making his way to Washington to meet with President Donald Trump. According to a Channel 2 report, Netanyahu will ask Trump to be more lenient with Jonathan Pollard's parole conditions. Pollard, who is living in New York after serving a heavy 30-year sentence in an American jail, was forbidden to immigrate to Israel.

In July 2015 the American Parole Board agreed that Pollard would be released after serving 30 years in an American jail.

In November 2015 Pollard was released with restrictive conditions for the first five years after his release, including a prohibition on leaving a certain part of New York City, an electronic chip monitoring his whereabouts at all times, nighttime house arrest, continuous monitoring of his computer at work and at home, and a prohibition on contacting the media.

The prohibition on using internet originally issued to Pollard was cancelled after a petition by his lawyers.