'Le Pen victory would send half of French Jews to Israel'

Former MK: Election of Marine Le Pen French President 'disaster for Europe ... Only Israel to benefit as Jews will emigrate'

Shimon Cohen ,

Marine Le Pen
Marine Le Pen

Marine Le Pen's declaration that if she is elected French president, French Jews will not hold dual Israeli and French citizenship was the subject of an Arutz Sheva talk with businessman and former MK Shmuel Plato Sharon, who reports that conversations with Jews in France reveal that should Le Pen be elected to the high office, they will leave France.

Sharon notes that the Le Pen family has been immersed in French politics for fifty years, and that Marine's father is nothing but a fascist who does not only not like Jews, but "hates Jews".

In contrast to her father, says Sharon, the daughter maintains a policy of smiles and announces that she has nothing against Jews, but in reality conducts a policy that emanates from her father's worldview.

"This family is very dangerous. In another three months there will be an election, and if Ms. Le Pen takes control, it would be a catastrophe for Europe; France will leave Europe immediately. Only Israel would benefit because the Jews will emigrate. There are six-hundred-thousand Jews in France, and many of them are well-situated. If she wins I can guarantee that within a year, three-hundred-thousand of them will be here.

"This is anti-Semitism. She said that Jews can use a small kippah ... will she then tell us which kippah to wear? This is fascistic. I'm not afraid to say the words. They are our enemies just like the Arab terrorists. They are in the same category."

Sharon concedes that Le Pen speaks against all religions, but says we should only be concerned with her attitude towards Jews. He holds that Jews must beware of anti-Semitism which is not a mere lack of love for Jews, but active hatred for Jews, a perception that ultimately leads to acts of murder against Jews and Israelis.

Sharon adds his opinion regarding proper treatment of Arab terrorists, saying that "the problem is that we don't act. There's something about the Jews, that we don't act. We need to do to them what they are doing to us. We operate according to the laws of war, but they don't act according to laws; this way, we will lose".

On ingrained French anti-Semitism he says, "I've lived in France for forty years. I was a friend of all the politicians, all the capitalists, and all the banks, but not once did a gentile family who loves me come to eat at my house. For them we are not people. They do business and make money but have no contact with us. We are animals in their eyes.

"I decided to talk only about this in the media: Enough. We need to open our eyes and say enough with the killing of Jews, we should kill them. I don't know why nobody says it. Are our lives worth less than their lives? It begins with the ideology of Le Pen. They talk to us, but they and we are not in the same category. I am for Netanyahu and love him, but for a few years we need a leader who says whoever comes against Jews will die".

Sharon repeatedly states that "Le Pen would be a catastrophe, but good for Israel because the majority of Jews will come here. It would be difficult because it's not simple for an established family with a livelihood to uproot and move to Israel, but they have no choice."

According to Sharon, whoever he is in contact with in the Jewish community in France, says the same thing. "Everyone is afraid of Le Pen. If Le Pen takes power, France is finished. They will leave Europe with at least another ten countries and Europe is over, but what do we care? What interests us is the Jews. They need to know that it is dangerous to lay a hand on the Jews."