'Those who doubt Israel is ours can leave'

Judea and Samaria pioneer Moshe Zar says leftists who don't believe Israel belongs to the Jewish people should pick up and leave.

Benny Tucker ,

Moshe Zar
Moshe Zar
Flash 90

Moshe Zar, one of the founding fathers of the movement to settle Judea and Samaria, called on leftist activists and those who file anti-settler suits in the courts because they do not believe in the Biblical promise that Israel belongs to the Jewish people, to leave the country.

"We have Jews here who only pretend to be Jews. Their fathers' fathers arrived in Israel because they believed this is their homeland, but today, their grandchildren have reached the conclusion that this is the land of the Palestinian Arabs," Zar said. "They do not believe what the Bible says, they do not believe that G-d gave us this land. So please, let them pack their things and return to Germany."

"The Bible is not just the birthplace of our culture. It's the birthplace of our faith, it's our certificate of ownership, it's G-d's eternal promise to the Jewish people that He will watch over Israel's borders. It's not something primitive. The leftists who talk about human rights have no roots, no founding principles.

"If they feel that this is not their homeland, let them leave.

"The Arabs need to know that even if they were here for a few hundred years, they only kept watch over the land. These lands are ours because that is what is written in the Bible. Today, they want compensation: we should give them compensation only for the fact that they kept watch over the land."