'Binyamin Netanyahu's biggest test'

Education Minister Naftali Bennett publicizes article titled, 'Binyamin Netanyahu's biggest test; we stand behind you.'

Naftali Bennett ,

Naftali Bennett
Naftali Bennett
Flash 90

This Wednesday, it is going to happen. US President Donald Trump will appear together with Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu after their first meeting. Everyone in the world will listen to their every word.

If the first thing they mention is their commitment to a Palestinian state, or a "two-state solution," we'll all feel it in the coming years. It will influence our lives, we will feel it on our flesh. The ground will tremble.

International pressure, boycotts, reports against Israel, rockets, [construction] freezes, tying the hands of the IDF soldiers in their fight against terror - all of this will continue and worsen.

Everything which has happened to us since Oslo - the 'disengagement' and the Bar Ilan Speech - will propel us forward to an inevitable reality of Palestine on Route 6 (a main north-south highway built near the Green line and Israel's only toll road). Israel will continue to be attacked for "not creating a Palestinian state as we said we would."

Our ambassadors all over the world will continue stammering the policy that says: "We will create Palestine, but not just yet." The historical moment which occurred when Trump was elected will be wasted. If in a Trump-Netanyahu era, if Israel chooses to create a Palestinian state, there will be no way out. Fifty years of settling Judea and Samaria will be endangered.

The other option is to stop talking about a Palestinian state. To explain to Trump that we tried the Palestine idea, again and again. That in return, we got over 1,000 Israeli civilians killed. That we got Hamastan in Gaza, worsened international standing, and the tying of our soldiers' hands.

After dozens of years of suffering, we now have the opportunity to bear good news, and bring our country to a new vantage point: We can drop the idea of creating a Palestinian state other than the ones we already have in Gaza and Jordan (70% of Jordan's citizens are Palestinians).

Now is the time to project strength, commitment to peace through security, initiative, sovereignty. The values of the nationalist camps. It's very simple.

This is the difference between right and left. The left supports creating a Palestinian state. The right opposes its creation. The right supports sovereignty in all Israeli areas and autonomy in the Palestinian areas. The two words, "Palestinian state" are a disaster of historical proportions. We cannot say them. This is our test.

I trust our Prime Minister to pass this test, and we will stand behind him.