'Any Arab can put on a kippa or talit and carry out attack'

Investigative journalist finds haredim not checked with metal detectors at Western Wall, making easy breach for terrorists.

Benny Toker ,

Western Wall and Mughrabi Gate
Western Wall and Mughrabi Gate
Kobi Gideon/Flash 90

David Suleiman, an investigative journalist who once discovered a serious security breach at Ben Gurion Airport, posed as a haredi Jew at the Western Wall for an extended period of time with an explosive belt and two knives this past Shabbat, Channel 2 reported.

Suleiman blasted the security arrangements at the Western Wall in an interview with Arutz Sheva. "It is inconceivable that for years religious Jews and haredim have entered the Western Wall [plaza] without being checked [for weapons]. There is no justification for the way they do not check with the metal detector and allow [the entry of] religious people, but if they won't [use the metal detectors] then they should at least check them by hand."

Suleiman believes that the Arab residents of Jerusalem's Old City have known of this security hole for a long time and that it is a miracle no terrorists have attempted to take advantage of it. "At the gate of the tunnel from the market there are many Muslim shops which are close to the security checkpoints, and they can see how the haredim veer to the side without being checked. Just yesterday the police announced that this matter will be changed this week, and I hope that it will improve security.

"Any Arab can purchase a kippah and talit. They are easy to get. They do not need our expose to figure out that you can put on a talit and go to the Western Wall through any entrance without being challenged or questioned. As far as they were concerned, I walked right in as if I were a ghost."