Netanyahu: 'We vote tonight on Regulation Law, US was updated'

PM in London confirms Knesset will vote tonight on Regulation Law, after US government updated on issue: 'Customary among friends'.

Nitzan Kedar, | updated: 18:46

Theresa May and Netanyahu
Theresa May and Netanyahu
Kobi Gidon, GPO

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu declared this afternoon (Monday) that the Regulation Law will be brought to vote in second and third readings in the Knesset - with his full support.

"I never said I was interested in postponing the vote. I said that I shall conduct myself according to the national interest as I understand it - and the national interest requires us not to surprise friends."

He said that he notified President Trump through his administration that he intends to submit the bill, adding that such protocol "is important among friends". He did not respond when asked what reply was received from the Americans after the update.

It is still not clear how the Prime Minister could attend the voting session scheduled to take place around 22:30, while his plane is only expected to land at midnight.

Netanyahu also said that in his meeting with the British Prime Minister the two discussed in a fairly perfunctory way the issue of construction in Judea and Samaria.

He added that he told May that Israel must maintain security control west of the Jordan. "This is true before regional changes and afterwards, when radical Islam is raising its head. Any abandoned territory will be grabbed by ISIS or Iran," Netanyahu said.

He added that "while the Palestinians want to sue England over the British Balfour Declaration, the British Prime Minister invites the Prime Minister of Israel to an event marking 100 years since the declaration - that means quite a bit."

The Prime Minister also said that he asked the British to discontinue support for Israeli organizations working against the State and explicitly specified the name of the Breaking the Silence organization.

He referred to today's two shooting incidents from Gaza towards the south and said, "My clear instructions are to respond to every shooting, and the reaction should be powerful. That has been my policy for the two years since Operation Defensive Shield, which have been the quietest. Our policy is consistent and resolute. There is no such thing as shooting at us and we do not respond. There is no such thing as occasional rocket and mortar fire that we absorb and move on."

Netanyahu also spoke about economic issues discussed between the two and said that "Britain is on its way out of the EU and is interested in developing ties with Israel. At the moment it is prevented from signing trade agreements, but it was agreed that Israel and Britain would begin to discuss the topic. The goal is a free trade agreement between the countries".