Neiman Marcus drops Ivanka Trump products

After Nordstrom drops Ivanka Trump products citing poor sales, luxury chain Neiman Marcus follows suit.

Yoel Domb ,

Ivanka Trump
Ivanka Trump

After Nordstrom decided to drop the Ivanka Trump line claiming poor sales due to the aggressive boycott on Trump products, Neiman Marcus, a luxury department store chain, also seems to be feeling the effects of the boycott on Trump products and is apparently dropping the Ivanka Trump line from its sales.

The boycott, entitled "Grab Your Wallet" was initiated by activist Sharon Coulter in October 2016 to protest US President Donald Trump's comments about women. Among other things, the campaign targeted Ivanka Trump's fashion line, since Coulter claimed that Ivanka gives moral support to her father. Both physical and virtual stores began to remove Ivanka's products from their selections. A November 2016 survey showed 57% of women had chosen to boycott Ivanka's products.

Jewelry from the line has disappeared from some stores in the chain according to Coulter, although it is unclear whether all branches had pulled the jewelry. Coulter claimed that earlier this week there had been 21 products for sale while now there are none. Online searches did not locate Ivanka Trump items on Neiman Marcus's website.

Neiman Marcus responded by blaming poor sales for the brand's removal: "We have a very small Ivanka Trump precious jewelry business which is comprised 100 percent of consigned merchandise (merchandise owned by the vendor). Based on productivity, we continuously assess whether our brands are carried in stores, on our website, or both."