Israel arrests 3 'arson intifada' terrorists

Military court accuses three Arabs of setting fire to Jewish town of Neve Tzuf during November's arson intifada.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Neve Tzuf
Neve Tzuf
Israel Police

Three Arabs from Deir Abu Mash'al near Ramallah have been accused of setting fire to the Binyamin Region town of Neve Tzuf last November.

An Israeli military court attributed arson and property damages to the three, but did not mention nationalistic motives.

Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan (Likud) said, "Today the left will tell us that these arsonists, who wanted to burn Neve Tzuf and its residents, were not nationalistically motivated. The fact that they've previously been involved in terrorist activities, and have thrown stones and firebombs at civilians, is irrelevant.

"The Israeli public is smart and understands what is happening - even if the left works hard to spread lies and tries to cover up the truth.

"I suggest the media show the public how many fires were set in Israel during those five days in November, versus how many fires blazed in Jordan, Lebanon, and the Palestinian Authority," Erdan tweeted.

The Neve Tzuf fire was part of November 2016's arson intifada, during which 2,000 blazes were set over a five-day period. 100,000 civilians were forced to flee their homes, and over 700 homes were damaged.