Jerusalem kindergartens shut down as strike expands

The Jerusalem Municipality has announced that kindergartens will not function today, as battle against Finance Ministry continues.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Kindergarten (Illustration)
Kindergarten (Illustration)

The Jerusalem Municipality is reporting that Jerusalem kindergartens will not be functioning this morning, and that “city-wide services will continue to be on strike,” although special education services are to continue as normal.

The statement comes as the Jerusalem Municipality continues to wage battle against the Finance Ministry for withholding the “Capital Budget” to which the city says it is entitled.

The Municipality had threatened that “the failure to transfer the funds to Jerusalem will result in layoffs and the severe curtailing of municipal services provided to the citizens."

Last night, Channel 10 published footage of alleged city officials dumping garbage on the Jerusalem light rail tracks, apparently in an attempt to prevent the train from running.

As a result of the obstruction of the tracks, the light rail did not run at the Jerusalem "Shuk" - a central Jerusalem junction - yesterday.

Jerusalem streets are strewn with overflowing garbage bins due to the strike, with the rubbish made all the more unsightly by the rains.