Owner of Hitler's home challenges government in court

Owner of the house where Nazi leader was born challenges government's right to take possession of the property.

Ben Ariel ,

Hitler's childhood home
Hitler's childhood home

The owner of the house where Nazi leader Adolf Hitler was born is going to high court to challenge the government's right to take possession of the property, The Associated Press reported Monday, citing an Austrian newspaper.

The challenge is in response to last month's parliamentary approval of a government bill to expropriate the house after she refused to sell it.

The Austrian daily Kurier said owner Gerlinde Pommer has asked Austria's Constitutional Court to rule against the government move.

Last month, Austrian lawmakers voted to dispossess the home where Hitler was born, following years of the German border town of Braunau and later the national government trying to purchase the home from its owners.

In October, the Austrian government initiated legal procedures to dispossess the home from its owners in an attempt to prevent the site from becoming a shrine to the neo-Nazi community. The Interior Ministry announced at the time that the home would be torn down.

That followed an announcement in April that the building would become state property.

Officials want to remodel the property's facade and offer it to an agency that runs workshops for disabled people.