State will not recommend postponement of Ofra demolitions

The state opposes postponing demolition of four houses in Ofra slated for next Wednesday, agrees to postpone other five houses until April.

Yoel Domb ,

Houses slated for destruction
Houses slated for destruction
Moshe Cohen

The state is opposed to postponing the demolition of four of the nine houses in Ofra slated for next Wednesday. Despite this, the state agreed to postpone the demolition of five of the houses until the 25th of April and not for three months as requested by the residents in court, on condition that the residents agree to evacuate peacefully even if their request is rejected.

The response was submitted by the deputy director of the High Court department in the State Prosecution, Aner Helman.

The families living in the houses responded to the state's response stating that "the families in the nine houses in Ofra are disappointed with the state's approach. The state has chosen legal machinations which will result in destruction and strife instead of preferring the way of peace and construction.

"We hope that the Supreme Court Judges will show responsibility and postpone the demolition as we requested in order to prevent unnecessary anguish to the families."

Last Wednesday the residents requested a postponement of the demolition to enable them to locate an alternative place to live.

In their request they stated that "since the ruling was given the residents have not rested and have acted to implement the ruling.

"The plaintiffs have examined various possible alternatives for relocation and in the end decided to purchase entirely new buildings in Ofra where their families will be able to live. There has been a delay in the completion of the new buildings and their construction is not yet complete. The buildings should be ready within three months at the most."

Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovely said Monday at a Likud faction meeting that "the destruction of nine Jewish houses is an immoral act. The demolition of these houses must be postponed until after the Regulation Law passes."