'Anti-Semitic cowards are attacking Jews while they sleep'

Jewish community in London hit on Shabbat by spate of anti-Semitic attacks.

David Rosenberg ,

Anti-Semitic Graffiti
Anti-Semitic Graffiti
Flash 90

Four separate anti-Semitic incidents were reported in the Barnet area of northern London over the weekend, a local anti-Semitism watchdog organization reported on Sunday.

According to the Campaign Against Anti-Semitism, at approximately 10:30 Friday night, vandals sped down a predominantly Jewish street in the Edgware neighborhood in northern London, pelting residents with eggs.

On Saturday, a brick with a swastika and anti-Jewish slurs scrawled on it was thrown at a Jewish family’s house, also in Edgware, smashing a window.

Later on Saturday, a swastika was found daubed on a home in Mill Hill.

The Jewish neighborhood watch organization, the Shomrim of North West London, reported the three Shabbat attacks to police.

A fourth case was documented on Sunday, when anti-Semitic graffiti was found outside of a Jewish business in Mill Hill. The graffiti read “Hail Hitler, F*** the Jews”.

Shomrim North West London chief Gary Ost called the perpetrators of the attacks “cowardly”.

"These cowardly anti-Semitic attacks targeted Jews when they were asleep in their homes or walking with their families after dinner,” said Ost. “These attacks are intended to instil fear in London’s Jews. The best response to these disgusting acts is to ensure that the perpetrators are caught.”

London police say no arrests have been made in connection with the four incidents.