Lebanese security forces foil Beirut terror attack

Lebanese security forces stop suicide bomber before he enters a cafe in Beirut's busy Al-Hamra district.

Ben Ariel ,

Flag of Lebanon
Flag of Lebanon

Lebanese security forces on Saturday foiled an attempted suicide bombing at a cafe in Beirut's busy Al-Hamra district, a security source said, according to Reuters.

The suspected bomber, who was wearing an explosive vest, was stopped as he attempted to enter the cafe and before he was able to detonate it, the source said.

The terrorist was injured during his arrest and taken to hospital, according to Reuters.

Lebanon has been hit by several bombings in recent years, mostly spillover from the war in neighboring Syria, where Hezbollah is heavily involved in fighting alongside President Bashar Al-Assad’s forces.

In June, eight suicide bombers targeted a Christian village in north Lebanon near the Syrian border, killing five people. Twin blasts in November 2015 left 43 dead in the mostly Shiite Muslim southern districts of Beirut.

The Islamic State (ISIS) group and the former Al-Qaeda affiliate Al-Nusra Front have both mounted suicide bomb attacks in Lebanon since the eruption of the Syrian conflict in 2011.

Al-Nusra also joined an incursion into the Lebanese border town of Arsal in 2013 and its fighters captured several Lebanese soldiers when they pulled out.

The biggest attacks in Lebanon took place in a Hezbollah stronghold of Beirut in 2013. In August of that year, 20 people were killed in an explosion there. A month earlier, over 50 people were wounded when a car bomb exploded in the same area.