'President Trump, don't fear Arab threats!'

Likud MK pens letter to Trump, urging the President-elect not to fear Arab threats against moving the US embassy to Jerusalem.

Gary Willig ,

MK Avi Dichter
MK Avi Dichter
Shirley Steinberg

Likud MK Avi Dichter, the Chairman of the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee. penned an open letter to US President-elect Donald Trump telling him not to fear Arab threats of his stated plans to relocate the US embassy in Israel to Tel Aviv.

"Dear President Trump - don't sweat over the threats of the Palestinians. Move the American embassy to Jerusalem!" Dichter wrote.

"You will be the first leader of the US and the first world leader to do so. You must demonstrate that leadership which makes it clear that you are a different president, and not like the old breed." he said, adding that once the US embassy is moved to Jerusalem, other countries would likely follow suite. "Embassy after embassy would come to Jerusalem."

He said that Arab threats over Jerusalem are nothing new. "The battle cry of Islamic terrorism is 'millions of martyrs will march on Jerusalem!'"

He urged Trump not to fear the threats that moving the embassy would spark violence across the Middle East. "Mr. President, don't get excited by the threats of the Palestinians. I've heard these same threats dozens of times before, from Hamas, Islamic Jihad and other terrorist organizations. They all threaten that the Middle East will be inflamed, but the flames always subside and the world just comes to their aid."

He said that the Arab nations and Russian President Vladimir Putin understand that America is returning to the vacuum created by outgoing President Barack Obama. "And the Palestinians, apart from whining and threats, do nothing to advance a solution, even they finally understand that time is against them."

He accused the Palestinian Authority of using international aid to fund terrorism. "They are a small group which has had so much money poured into it by the international community, and none of it went towards promoting peace. In most cases, the money funded more terrorism."

"This year, the US embassy should be in Jerusalem. It's in your hands, Mr. President!"