Terrorist arrested on the way to stabbing attack

Awareness of Border Police led to arrest of illegal resident in East Jerusalem who revealed that he has intended to attack security forces.

Reut Hadar,

Border Police officers
Border Police officers
Yonatan Sindel/Flash 90

Sharp reactions by Border Police in East Jerusalem led to the arrest of a terrorist who stated under interrogation that he had intended attacking security forces in the vicinity.

Border Police operating yesterday in the A-Tur neighborhood in East Jerusalem performed initiated actions in the course of which they checked a bus belonging to an East Jerusalem public transportation company.

While conducting a search of the bus they detained a youth who aroused their suspicions. Initial investigations revealed that he was a resident of the Palestinian Authority residing illegally in Israel. He was arrested and interrogated.

The interrogation revealed that the suspect had arrived in East Jerusalem and asked to travel to the area of Shaar Shechem with the intention of purchasing a knife with money in his possession and attacking security forces located in the area. He was remanded by police and will be brought to court Wednesday for an extension of his remand.

The police stated that "the increased deployment, operational methods, awareness and professionalism of policemen and soldiers constantly active in the East Jerusalem area led once again to the foiling of an attack against innocent people and security forces and to the arrest of a resident of the Palestinian Authority. The determined operational activities will continue as long as required to insure the safety and security of Jerusalem's residents and visitors."