'It was soldiers, not the tour guide, who killed the terrorist'

Investigation into last week's terror attack in Jerusalem reveals gunfire by soldiers, not tour guide, killed terrorist.

David Rosenberg ,

Truck used in terror attack in Jerusalem
Truck used in terror attack in Jerusalem
Sebi Berens/Flash90

A coroner’s report detailing an examination performed on the body of the terrorist responsible for last week’s deadly ramming attack in Jerusalem, which left four IDF cadets dead and a dozen more wounded, has revealed that it was shots fired by soldiers that neutralized the terrorist, and not shots by a tour guide as was widely believed.

The report’s findings were revealed Monday morning by Yediot Aharonot, which cited police sources involved in the investigation.

Shortly after the attack last Sunday, tour guide Eitan Rund, who was wounded in the attack, criticized what he called a slow and hesitant response by soldiers at the scene, claiming that he was the first to open fire.

Social media lit up with speculation regarding the possible influence of the recent conviction of Sgt. Elor Azariya in the shooting death of a wounded Arab terrorist, with some suggesting soldiers at the scene of last week’s attack failed to respond quickly because they feared being prosecuted.

But Rund later recanted, admitting that he was disoriented during the attack and had spoken more from gut emotion rather than a careful examination of the facts. Rund acknowledged that soldiers at the scene had in fact opened fire on the terrorist – a point played down in some early reports of the attack.

According to the coroner’s report, the terrorist was struck by multiple rounds, including both 9 millimeter pistol rounds – at least some of which were fired by Rund – and 5.56 millimeter rifle bullets shot from the M-16s carried by the soldiers who responded to the attack.

The pathology report shows that the terrorist was neutralized and killed not by the 9mm rounds, but by several rifle rounds fired from an M-16 that struck the terrorist in the head, killing him instantly.