Father of terror victim:'Stop being afraid of other nations.'

Herzl Hajaj, father of terror victim Shir Hajaj, says government should do more to fight terror.'We should throw terrorist's body in sea."

Yoel Domb ,

Netanyahu in Hajaj's house
Netanyahu in Hajaj's house
Hajaj family

Herzl Hajaj, whose daughter First Lieutenant Shir Hajaj Hy'D (May G-d avenge her blood) was murdered in the ramming attack at Armon Hanatziv, told Arutz Sheva about his daughter who had succeeded in serving in a select intelligence unit in the IDF besides her other achievements. Hajaj expects the government to fight Arab terror until it is eradicated.

The Hajaj family from Maale Adumim are having a difficult time dealing with their horrific loss.

"Every child is a flower, but my child was a bunch of flowers, an amazing girl. At the age of 17 she decided that she wanted to join the academic army reserve (in which academics defer service until after they complete their degrees) so she did the psychometric test and high school matriculation and then completed her academic studies at the Azrieli college over four years and succeeded in joining a select intelligence unit," said Hajaj.

Shir kept the Torah's commandments meticulously. "She observed Shabbat (Sabbath), ate kosher and used to tithe her money and give to the poor. Shir volunteered with an elderly Holocaust survivor, she did so much by the age of 22 that we cannot believe it," said her father.

Herzl says the worst thing for a parent is to bury his child.

"I haven't yet digested what happened," he added.

Yesterday Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu visited the family. Herzl protested the continued terror attacks and suggested a number of ways in which Arab terror could be defeated.

"I said to him- 'You're playing chess and they're playing judo.' I'm no extreme right-winger. We are right-wing and love the land of Israel.

"I said to Netanyahu- where is the Jewish genius? Stop being afraid of the nations of the world, enough of this rubbish. The US caught Bin Laden, killed him and through his body in the sea. The terrorist who murdered my daughter is my Bin Laden, let them throw his body in the sea. The greatest democracy in the world does it, so take his body and throw it in the sea.

"Destroy the house of the terrorist, not with a hammer and only the corner of the window, eradicate the house. We should take away their ID cards and throw the whole family out. The government says, 'We will do, we will do,' and then sweeps it all under the table. We are paying the price for Beilin's 'peace'. They [the left-wing who signed a peace agreement with terrorists] experimented on us as if we were mice in a laboratory," cried Shir Hajaj's father.