Teachers Union to stage warning strike

School begins tomorrow at 11 to protest non-payment of full salaries to thousands of workers. Special education institutions not affected.

Mordechai Sones ,

School to start at 11 due to strike
School to start at 11 due to strike
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The Teachers Union announced that it is engaging in a warning strike and that studies will begin at 11:00 tomorrow in all educational institutions: kindergartens, elementary schools, and middle schools. Special education institutions will operate normally.

According to the union, thousands of education workers were seriously harmed by inadequate implementation of the Ministry of Education's "New Horizon" wage reforms, and the inadequate implementation of understandings between the Histadrut and the Finance Ministry.

The Teachers Union claims that Treasury officials did not discuss any reform measures related to travel expense compensation, and they are certainly prohibited to reduce teacher's wages and travel expense refunds without having a discussion with the Teachers Union.

Yaffa ben David, General Secretary of the Teachers Union, said that "the harm done to teacher's salaries at a rate of thousands of shekels on the grounds of an alleged computer error is not acceptable to us. The Teachers Union's demand is to prevent further harm, and the return of the amounts deducted from the teacher's wages. This demand was rejected by the Treasury and therefore we had no choice but to strike to protest."

She said, "We reject the Education Ministry's claim of technical difficulties associated with the computer system. Israel should be ashamed. Thousands of education workers showed up to work in recent months, full of dedication and responsibility despite not receiving a full salary. Every employee has a right to his full salary so he can live his life in dignity, no less than the right of other citizens of the country who send their children to school every day. "

The Ministries of Education and Finance issued a response stating that they "see the decision of the current Teachers Union secretary, Yaffa ben David, to strike and disable the curriculum as very serious, saying that the decision is brutal, arbitrary, and reckless."