Istanbul terror attack wounds Israeli woman

Israeli Foreign Ministry confirms Israeli woman moderately wounded in Istanbul attack.

Chana Roberts , | updated: 13:36

Site of Istanbul attack
Site of Istanbul attack

Israel's Foreign Ministry has reported that among the victims of Istanbul's New Years terror attack were four Israeli women.

One of the women was moderately wounded when a gunman entered a nightclub on Saturday night, killing 39 people and wounding another 69. A second Israeli woman, 19-year-old Lian Zaher Nassar, was reported as missing until her body was positively identified.

A third Israeli woman suffered shock, and a fourth has been called upon to provide testimony.

Four of those wounded are in serious condition, and one is in critical condition.

According to Turkish Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu, at least 16 of the 21 victims who have been identified were foreigners.

At the time, it is estimated 500-600 people were visiting the nightclub.

The attack, which follows ISIS attacks on an Istanbul shopping center, stadium and airport, is assumed to be a terror attack.

Police are still searching for the shooter.