Petition demands investigation of police brutality to minor

The Honenu organization filed a petition demanding an investigation of an alleged serious assault on a 14-year-old by a police officer at a

Arutz Sheva ,

Arrest: Illustration
Arrest: Illustration

The Honenu organization filed a petition with the Supreme Court demanding that the Police Investigations Division (PID) open an investigation into the serious complaint filed by a 14-year-old in the wake of the alleged brutal treatment he suffered at the hands of a police officer at a police station.

According to the petition, the case was closed without an investigation due to a "lack of public interest,"

The boy said that the policeman brought him into a room and searched him. When he failed to find the boy’s cell phone, the policeman allegedly began to choke him and beat him with his fists and with kicks, until he agreed to tell the officer with which of his friends he had left his cell phone.

Attorney Menashe Yado, of Honenu, appealed the decision to close the case, and the appeals department of the prosecutor's office recently announced that it had rejected the appeal.

As a result, Yado is now petitioning the High Court to intervene. He explained that the boy’s version of events is reliable and backed up with evidence. His petition also addresses the fundamental question of how such a serious complaint could be filed with no investigation into the incident.

"We cannot tolerate a situation like this of a substantive claim that a policeman beat up a 14-year-old boy in the police station with no investigation," said attorney Yado. "I believe that the Court will return the case to the PID and instruct it to open an investigation.”