Phone salesmen may have given Israelis' info to PA

Israel suspects two Arab phone salesmen of passing Israelis' info to Palestinian Authority.

Yedidya Ben-Or,

Yoni Kempinski

Two Jerusalem Arabs who worked in the cell phone industry have been arrested on suspicion of illegally passing information to the Palestinian Authority.

The Israel Police and Shabak worked together to arrest the two Arabs, who live in two of Jerusalem's northernmost Arab neighborhoods.

The suspects were interrogated by the police, and found to have access to information banks. One of the suspects had access to the information since he works in a communications company, and the other had access to it because he sells cell phone equipment.

The two were arrested under the Interim Agreements Law in Judea and Samaria for contacting PA agents, as well as for fraud and breaches of trust. Their arrest has been extended several times. The suspects were released to house arrest after their interrogation ended and the police discussed the matter with the District Attorney.