Israeli wounded in Berlin terror attack

Israeli seriously wounded in the truck terror attack in Berlin last night is out of danger . The man's wife is reportedly still missing.

Arutz Sheva Staff , | updated: 1:20 PM

Scene of Berlin attack
Scene of Berlin attack

An Israeli was seriously wounded in the truck terror attack in Berlin last night.

Chabad representatives in Berlinvisited the Israeli in hospital and determined that he was out of danger although in serious condition.

In addition, according to the Chief Rabbi of Berlin, Rabbi Yehuda Teichtal, the wounded man's wife is missing.

Rabbi Shmuel Segal, the Program Director of Chabad's Berlin Center, said that "It took time to discover that there was an Israeli wounded in this attack. Our representatives visited him and he is presently out of danger. With G-d's help he will recover, he is in serious but stable condition."

Rabbi Segal described the scene of the attack as a "central place in West Berlin, it is the nerve center of downtown with numerous markets and a large shopping center. Jews and Israelis pass through this area every day."

Segal says that if it becomes clear that an immigrant had perpetrated the attack it would cause the Germans to think again about what they intend to do with all the refugees in the country. "Berlin is a cosmopolitan city and this attack is a slap in the face for this city," said Segal.

"Germans always act slowly and deliberately and it will take them time to internalize and learn their lesson. This attack was an exact copy of the attack exactly a year ago in France and despite this you see people in shock today. They don't know of such things, people don't know how to handle this."

12 people were killed in yesterday's attack and over 50 wounded.

The terrorist, apparently a 23-year-old immigrant who had come in recent months to Germany from Pakistan, was already known to authorities as having a criminal background.

Initial investigations showed that the terrorist took control of a truck by murdering the driver - then proceeded to speed into pedestrians at the crowded Berlin market.

Berlin police are calling the incident an act of terror and are trying to verify if the terrorist belonged to an organized group.