Former US attache: Trump will move US embassy to Jerusalem

Former Israeli attache to Washington Yoram Ettinger believes Trump administration will transfer embassy to Jerusalem.

Yoel Domb ,

Donald Trump
Donald Trump

Yoram Ettinger, the former Israeli attache to Washington, has recently returned from America and told Arutz Sheva about the great changes taking place in governmental positions in Washington.

"I see a historic opportunity here to upgrade the relationship with Israel, both regarding President-elect Trump and his Vice-President-elect Mike Pence. The new global approach of Donald Trump involves a determination to be the trailblazer of the anti politically correct. He views the State Department as a body which is hostile to Israel and part of the Washington swamp which he wants to dry out," said Ettinger.

He added that "Trump maintains that Israel contributes significantly to Americans. He also defined the reign of the Ayatollahs and Islamic terror as a strategic threat to America. He sees Israel as the most important ally in the war against those threats and is convinces like we are that the agreement with Iran is very bad and must be modified or cancelled. We can maintain optimism, that is unless the Israeli government decides to poor cold water on Trump's determination to upgrade relations between the two nations.

Ettinger reckons that the American embassy will move to Jerusalem. "This is the test of Trump's determination and his war against the politically correct. He understands that not moving the embassy constitutes a surrender to the pressures of rogue nations and therefore he will implement this move in order to demonstrate that he is different from Obama and Clinton and is not to be deterred from undertaking what he believes in. In the ethos of the American forefathers, Jerusalem is an important symbol. 18 American cities are called Jerusalem and 32 more are called Salem which is a term for Jerusalem.

Ettinger maintains that the strong Jewish support for the Democrats in America will not affect US-Israel relations, since the support of the American public for Israel is not connected to the local community but is a basic and fundamental sympathy for Israel.