Hamas calls on Fatah to join forces against Israel

Hamas official calls on Fatah to join the fight against Israel, says unity necessary to free Israel from Jews.

Dalit Halevi ,

Abad Rahim Katab/ Flash 90

During a convention marking Hamas' 29th birthday, Hamas politician Halil al-Hiya called on Fatah to hold a "serious nationalistic dialogue" with Hamas. This dialogue is necessary, he said, in order to implement a unity based on partnership and agreement on strategy and plans for "defending" terrorist organizations, "freeing" Israel from Jewish hands, and de-legitimizing the Jewish state, in an effort to create a unified Arab state from the Mediterranean Sea to the Jordan River. Any type of weapons and terror tactics used to accomplish this are legitimate, he said.

Al-Hiya also said jihad must concentrate on the political, legal, and international aspects of the fight, because these would best restrict Israel's movement and force the Jews out of Israel, reported the Hamas newspaper Palestin.

Al-Hiya negated any possibility of normalizing relations with Israel, which he called "a cancer which we must remove." In addition, he supported Islamic Jihad leader Ramadan Shalah's call to cancel the Oslo Accords, and said Hamas has what they need to force Israel to free all terrorist murderers currently held in Israeli jails.

"Even though Gaza is under a blockade, we are still free in our will, our expressions, and our decisions, and the Palestinian nation will always be free," al-Hiya said, claiming the Gaza "military" played a central role in the 2005 expulsion.