Minister Erdan visits Neve Tzuf

Public Security Minister visits burned town of Neve Tzuf, calls on government to recognize arson victims as terror victims.

Hezki Baruch ,

Erdan visits Neve Tzuf
Erdan visits Neve Tzuf
Arutz Sheva

Public Security and Strategic Affairs Minister and Information Minister Gilad Erdan (Likud) visited Neve Tzuf on Saturday night, to survey the damage caused by the Friday night arsonists.

"It's obvious that the first thing we have to do is help those who lost their homes, and to do that we'll need to speak with the Finance Minister," Erdan said. "We need to understand that this is a new era in the war of terror, and they're using every opportunity."

Erdan praised the heroic work of the firefighters, and mentioned Israel would need to study the events of the past week in order to properly plan for the future.

"It's difficult to describe how enormous the disaster and destruction are here. It's horrific to think these animal-people wanted to burn down an entire town, its residents, and children, that's an unimaginable amount of hate towards the People of Israel and the State of Israel. This is fire terror, caused by incitement and hate, and it's no different than stabbing attacks and ramming attacks," Erdan said.

"The residents here are amazing. We'll strengthen our position here, I understand the hurt. It's a difficult situation, and the residents have lost their homes and memories. We'll be here forever, G-d willing."

Earlier Saturday night, Erdan called on the government to destroy the arsonists' homes.

Avi Roeh, chairman of the Binyamin Regional Council, said, "There's a strong wind here - it's a war over our homes. We're here, and we're all willing to do everything we can do help the residents. We'll work to strengthen the system so the residents will get everything they need."

Agriculture Minister Uri Ariel (Jewish Home), who was also visiting Neve Tzuf, said, "We're in Neve Tzuf, an area which was hit hard by the week's arson attacks. The families can't yet go home. This was a terror attack, one of the worst we've ever seen, and thank G-d no one was killed.

"I call on Prime Minister Netanyahu to recognize the families who lost their homes in this week's arson attacks as proper terror victims, so they will be able to receive compensation immediately. There's no promising that this wave of arson attacks is behind us. The terrorists have a lot of motivation. After the story is over, we'll see where we're headed and what we'll do next. I personally promise every family who lost their home in the attacks that they'll be able to rebuild and go home. Get in touch with me, I'm here for you," Ariel concluded.