Haifa yeshiva students spot arsonist setting fire in woods

Haifa's Rabbi Zini says time has come to get tough on anti-Israel incitement. 'Arab terrorists are taking advantage of our stupidity.'

Benny Toker ,

Rabbi Eliyahu Zini
Rabbi Eliyahu Zini
Yoni Kempinski

Among the growing evidence that the massive fires raging out of control across the city of Haifa were deliberately sparked by Arab terrorists is testimony from a Haifa yeshiva about a failed attempt to set the school on fire.

Rabbi Eliyahu Zini, Dean of the Ohr Veyishua hesder yeshiva in Haifa and former rabbi of the Technion, told Arutz Sheva that several of his students foiled an arson attempt.

“Our students were asked to help out and watch [for any new fires], and one of our students did in fact spot someone sparking a fire in the woods next to the Neve Shaanan neighborhood.”

While the would-be arsonist escaped, the alert student managed to prevent what could have been a major conflagration.

“He chased after him and alerted the police, but in the end the man was able to escape. But the nearby houses were saved from disaster."

Following the fires around Haifa and across Israel, Rabbi Zini said the incidents should serve as a wake-up call for Israelis.

“Now the time has come to open our eyes and to stop being fools, let’s stop letting people who act like terrorists be Knesset Members, and to stop supporting Gaza, and to stop employing our enemies.”

“Today, if you want to get into the Haifa municipality, you have to know Arabic. How can someone like MK Ahmed Tibi, who incites against [Israel] in the Knesset after the Muezzin Law [was proposed], continue to walk free. They’re taking advantage of our stupidity in order to hurt us.

“The problem is the Jew-haters in our midst. There’s no way to defeat Israel, except if there is help from within the Jewish people for those who want to harm us.”