Graffiti and knife found near Ra'anana Reform synagogue

Graffiti accusing of blasphemy and a knife were found in front of a Reform synagogue this morning in Ra’anana.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Knife at the Reform synagogue
Knife at the Reform synagogue
Reform Movement

Graffiti and a knife were found in front of a Reform synagogue this morning in Ra’anana.

Near the knife were cards on which the names of Reform leaders were written, including those of Anat Hoffman - Head of “Women of the Wall” and the Israel Religious Action Center (IRAC) of the Reform movement in Israel, as well as those of Israeli Reform Movement Chairman Gilad Kariv and American Reform Movement Chairman Rick Jacobs.

Anat Hoffman said in response: “The knife is a direct result of the negative attitude against the Western Wall plan [for creating a Reform prayer space at the Western Wall] on the part of heads of the haredi parties and haredi rabbis, who will do anything to oppose those different from them. The threat of murder is meant to intimidate and stop us. But our spirits will not be broken. We will continue to protect the women of Israel from the spirit of hate and discrimination running rampant outside.”

The Tzohar rabbinical organization condemned the incident: ״Even while there are clear differences between how we and the Reform movement approach issues of Jewish identity and the Jewish nature of the State, it should be completely clear that those differences of opinion must never lead to any hint of violence- neither verbal nor physical.”

“We wholly condemn what was done to the Reform center in Ra'anana and join in the call for the authorities to act to stem any further tide of violence and not diminish the seriousness of these incidents.”