Paul Ryan re-elected as House Speaker

Paul Ryan re-elected to serve a second term as speaker of the House.

Ben Ariel ,

Paul Ryan
Paul Ryan

Paul Ryan was re-elected by the House Republican conference on Tuesday to serve a second term as speaker of the House, CNN reports.

The official vote installing him as the speaker will come in early January, when the next session of Congress begins.

Tuesday afternoon's vote held little drama as Ryan ran unopposed and House GOP members re-elected the Wisconsin Republican in a unanimous vote, according to CNN.

His re-election comes after a tumultuous first year in the top leadership spot, as Ryan clashed with both conservatives on the right of the conference and with then-Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

Ryan initially said he was not “ready to support” Trump as the Republican presidential candidate, before ultimately endorsing him.

The Speaker was still critical of Trump at times, notably distancing himself from the presidential nominee after leaked video tapes surfaced, showing him making graphic comments about women.

Shortly after Trump’s victory last week, however, the two met in person as Ryan gave Trump credit for tapping into a sentiment other politicians didn't appear to grasp.

On Tuesday, House Republicans also elected Ohio Rep. Steve Stivers to lead the National Republican Congressional Committee. He was facing a challenge from Rep. Roger Williams of Texas.