Conference of European Rabbis meets with Belarus parliament

A delegation of the Conference of European Rabbis met with the Chairman of the Belarus parliament to discuss developing Jewish life there.

Yoni Kempinski, Minsk ,

The rabbis meet with the Belarus parliament
The rabbis meet with the Belarus parliament
Eli Itkin
Within the framework of a convention of the Conference of European Rabbis in Minsk, the capital of Belarus, a special meeting was held today between rabbinical representatives of the Conference and members of the National Assembly (the parliament) of Belarus.

The Chairman of the National Assembly, Dr. Mikhail Myasnikovich, thanked the rabbis for holding the convention in Belarus, while the rabbis noted that Belarus had been the location of the yeshivas, the academies of Jewish learning, in which the rabbinical leaders of the previous generation had studied.

Myasnikovich said that the efforts of the Conference to return Jewish life to Belarus would receive full support from local authorities. “We will help in all matters to return Jewish life [in Belarus] to its former glory, if even only to a small degree.”

Myasnikovich, whose position as Assembly Chairman is defined as the second most powerful in the country, added that Belarus will allot special space for a Jewish cemetery. Today, Jews in Belarus are buried in general cemeteries in plots allotted for Jews.

The Assembly Chairman further suggested setting up joint efforts with the Conference of European Rabbis for developing sites of Jewish significance, such as synagogues.