"The hand that will evacuate Amona is your hand."

Residents of Amona meet to discuss High Court's refusal to delay the destruction of their homes, sayig PM is responsible for their fate.

Gary Willig,

Emergency meeting in Amona
Emergency meeting in Amona
Eliran Aharon

Residents of the town of Amona gathered for an emergency meeting Monday evening after the High Court ruled that the destruction of their community will not be delayed, despite the Prime Minister's request to them to accede to the plea to do so and allow time to solve the problem peacefully.

Amona spokesman Avihai Boaron addressed his remarks to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu. "The hand that will evacuate Amona is your hand."

He said: "If you do not (pass the law to) regulate Amona then we will stand as a wall together with thousands of people in tents here at Amona."

Amona Rabbi Yair Frank said at the meeting: "I told the Knesset ministers, "we are also human beings. We do not intend to go anywhere or to move from here because we are not leaving our homes."

Amona is scheduled to be destroyed by December 25, a little more than a month from now, and plans to relocate the residents to a nearby site were met with fierce criticism from the US.