Ramallah - capital of Palestinian terror

One-fourth of terror attacks happen around Ramallah, location of PA headquarters.

Dalit Halevi,

Flash 90

Out of 60 attacks carried out last week against Israelis, a full quarter of them (15) were centered around Ramallah, including the attacks near Beit El, Beit Horon, Psagot, and the Ofer Prison.

A Palestinian-Arab newspaper noted that between November 5-10, 60 attacks were carried out by Arabs against Jews.

The current intifada has involved mostly rock attacks, Molotov cocktails, and homemade explosives, and have been carried out by Palestinian Arabs against both Israeli civilians and IDF soldiers.

During the past week, four Israelis were injured, including an Israeli woman who was injured at Kever Rachel (Rachel's Tomb) by a homemade explosive device. Kever Rachel is located in Beit Lechem (Bethlehem). Another Israeli woman was injured in a rock attack near the town of Tekoa, east of Beit Lechem.