Breslov hasidim attacked at Joseph's Tomb

Breslov hasidim attacked with rocks by PA 'police' while visiting Joseph's Tomb.

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Joseph's Tomb last night
Joseph's Tomb last night
IDF spokesperson

Five Breslov hasidim were arrested on Saturday night near Shechem in Samaria, by Palestinian Authority policemen who threw rocks at their car.

The hasidim were then handed over to the IDF, who arrested them for entering Kever Yosef (Joseph's Tomb) without a permit.

None of them were injured, but their car sustained damage. Security forces have not yet looked at the vehicle.

Head of Samaria Regional Council Yossi Dagan called upon anyone interested in visiting Kever Yosef to do so during one of the Council's prearranged visits.

"'V'nishmarten me'od lenafshoteichem' - we are commanded to keep ourselves safe, and it's not a recommendation but a Torah commandment. That said, it is unfathomable that Jews should be forced to visit our holy sites as if they were thieves in the night," Dagan said.