Jerusalem councilman: Mayor is planning thousands of Arab units

Councilman Aryeh King protested that, at a time when a building freeze is imposed on Jews, Arabs are building thousands of units.

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Aryeh King
Aryeh King
Eliran Aharon

Member of Jerusalem city council Aryeh King flashed a document in his hand detailing the last council meeting, during which Mayor Nir Barkat sought to grant thousands of building permits to Arabs in Jerusalem.

King protests the policy of the mayor to permit Arab building in Jerusalem, even as a building freeze is imposed on Jews in the city due to apprehension about a negative reaction from the US.

King noted that, a year ago, Barkat allowed a program granting thousands of housing units in the eastern Jerusalem neighborhood of Swahara.

“In a period when the government freezes thousands of units in Jewish neighborhoods while doing almost nothing to stop Arab building - this presents a demographic danger to the city.”

The city of Jerusalem has not yet released a reply.