Counter-Terrorism Bureau raises threat level for Albania

CTB raises terror threat level in Albania after ISIS threat against Israeli soccer team.

Gary Willig ,

Soccer (illustrative)
Soccer (illustrative)
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The Counter-Terrorism Bureau (CTB) raised its travel warning for Albania Tuesday night, following the uncovering of an ISIS plot against the Israeli soccer team in the Balkan state.

The threat level was raised to level 2, which is a high concrete threat of terrorism.

The CTB recommended that Israelis avoid the upcoming match between Israel and the Albanian national soccer team this upcoming Saturday, November 12.

The CTB said that there was still a threat of ISIS-related terrorist attacks in Albania despite the fact that the terrorists plotting to attack the soccer team were arrested and the venue for the game changed to a stadium that is easier to secure.

Players on the Israeli team also remain concerned about their safety.

One player said "There is a real sense of fear. Right now we are really not focused on the match. Our lives are more important than soccer and I hope that there will be appropriate security. We would have rather played in a neutral country, but perhaps these recent developments will make sure that nothing happens."