State asks court for delay on Amona destruction

The state requested that Amona remain standing for another 7 months as it seeks to provide a solution for the impasse.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Amona residents protesting
Amona residents protesting
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Representatives of the state submitted a request to the Supreme Court today to delay the destruction of Amona by seven months.

The request states that the state believes that there is ample justification for extending the period the court had given the state to demolish Amona. The state believes that the delay is necessary to prepare either of two solutions for the residents who will lose their homes, one in Shvut Rachel and the other near Amona.

The state's request further stated that the state is not seeking a delay in order to keep Amona as it is.

"Given the complexity and the sensitivity involved in evacuating a settlement like Amona, the state is obligated - first and foremost - to find alternative solutions which can allow for the evacuation to proceed peacefully and in a way that will reduce tensions as well as reducing the harm done to the families who live there." the statement read.

The request went on to note that despite the state's efforts, it needs more time to carry out either of its proposed solutions.