Police to allow MKs to enter Temple Mount

According to reports, police will permit Knesset members to enter Temple Mount.

Netanel Katz ,

Temple Mount
Temple Mount

After a year in which they have been prevented from entering the Temple Mount, a Channel 2 report Tuesday suggests that police will now recommend permitting Knesset members to enter the site.

The Jerusalem police chief presented documents to the Police Commissioner and the Defense Minister stating that there is no reason to prevent members of Knesset from visiting the Temple Mount under various conditions, including a prohibition on media coverage of their visits and of their giving speeches there.

The ban was issued about a year ago and media reports said it was put into force at the initiative of Prime Minister Netanyahu in order to cool tensions around the Temple Mount.

The directive received by police stated that all members of Knesset, both Jewish and Arab, should be banned from entering the Temple Mount.

In June it was reported that the ban would be lifted and MKs would be allowed to return to the Temple Mount but due to various events which occurred during the Muslim month of Ramadan, the period of fasting which is generally accompanied by Arab violence, the ban was extended. Now it will seemingly be cancelled.

During the course of Sukkot a record number of Jews visited the Temple Mount.