120,000 registered to vote from Israel

Republican ground game in Israel brings about 60% spike in registration of American voters, compared to 2012.

Reut Hadar ,

Trump's Hebrew twitter feed
Trump's Hebrew twitter feed

The Republican campaign to register American voters in Israel has brought about a 60% rise in voter registration compared to 2012. According to party statistics, about 120,000 voters currently in Israel have registered to vote in the US presidential race, and some have already cast their ballots.

In 2012, that number was about 75,000.

Republicans see this as a net success, since they estimate that the vast majority of US citizens living in Israel would prefer Donald Trump to Hillary Clinton.

Senior trump campaign staffers arrived in Israel in recent days to meet the party's strategic team in the Holy Land. They will help them prepare for the presidential campaign's final stretch, which will include events in Israel.