Home of terrorist from Henkin murders demolished

IDF destroys home of terrorist who directed, armed terror cell which murdered Jewish couple one year ago.

Arutz Sheva Staff , | updated: 8:22 AM

IDF forces prepare to demolish Eluwai home in Shechem
IDF forces prepare to demolish Eluwai home in Shechem
IDF Spokesperson

IDF forces, in conjunction with Border Police and the Civil Administration, demolished the home of one of the terrorists involved in the murder of a Jewish couple in October 2015.

Amjad Eluwai, a resident of the Palestinian Authority city of Shechem in Samaria, was a member of the terror cell responsible for the shooting attack that left Naama and Rabbi Eitam Henkin, parents of four young children who were in the back of the car when their parents were murdered, dead.

An army spokesperson reported that the house was demolished early Tuesday morning, as part of a decision to target the terror cell involved in last October’s deadly attack.

The army spokesperson added that Eluwai directed the terror cell, and acquired firearms for the shooting attack in which the Henkins were murdered.

Naama was a talented graphic artists and Rabbi Eitam was a brilliant Torah scholar who was writing works on Jewish Law.

Eitam and Naama Henkin
Courtesy of the family