'You died protecting Israel'

Yosef Kirma, the police officer murdered in Sunday morning's shooting attack, is laid to rest in Jerusalem.

Eliran Aharon ,

Funeral of Yosef Kirma
Funeral of Yosef Kirma
Eliran Aharon

A funeral ceremony was held Sunday evening in the capital for Sergeant Major Yosef Kirma, the police officer murdered, along with Levana Malichi, in a murderous shooting attack Sunday morning in Jerusalem.

Kirma, a 29-year old officer in the Yassam Special Patrol Unit of the Israeli Police, was laid to rest in the police section of the military cemetery on Mount Herzl.

Internal Security Minister Gilad Erdan, Israeli Police Chief Roni Alsheikh, and Jerusalem District Chief Yoram HaLevy were among the attendees who paid their final respects.

“My first-born son, my soul, I love you so much,” cried the officer’s bereaved father Uzi Kirma during the service. “You are my life. Now [you’re wife] Noy is alone. We will be with her and never abandon her – from now on she is our daughter.”

Uzi eulogized his son, calling him “a great jewel”.

“You were such a happy child, a child who loves to help others. Yossi, you were also my friend, you know. We would spend so much time together on Fridays.”

Kirma’s widow, Noy also spoke at the funeral, saying she did not know how she could continue on without him.

“You were my backbone,” she said. “I promise to be good to you. I promise you will be proud of me. I don’t know how I will be able to continue on without you, but I promise I will. You will always be in my heart, always, until I die.”