Terrorist tried to stab senior officer near Hevron

Armed terrorist tried to stab brigade commander near Hevron.

Uzi Baruch ,

Soldiers prevent stabbing attack
Soldiers prevent stabbing attack
צילום: Garrett Mills/Flash90

An armed terrorist tried to stab Colonel Itzik Cohen, in the western Hevron Hills.

The terrorist, who was armed with a knife, approached the soldiers who were standing near Negohot in the western Hevron Hills. He attempted to stab the brigade commander Colonel Itzik Cohen.

The soldiers who were present managed to stop him in time.

Initial investigations show that the soldier who was securing the area spotted the terrorist approaching the senior commander's vehicle.

When the soldier stopped the terrorist for questioning, he found that the suspect was holding a knife behind his back.

Additional soldiers who were in the area gained control over the terrorist. No one was hurt.