Katzover: I won’t attend Peres’ funeral

Benny Katzover mentioned Peres’ good deeds at the beginning of his career but cant forget the damage he did

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Benny Katzover
Benny Katzover
Shomron Residents’ Committee

Benny Katzover mentioned Peres’ good deeds at the beginning of his career but has a hard time forgetting the damage he did saying, “right after the Oslo Accords, my neighbor, Menachem Felix, lost his daughter.”

Former Director of the Shomron Council, Benny Katzover, in an interview with Arutz Sheva, mentioned that Peres contributed greatly to Israel’s defense at the beginning of his career but that he cannot forge the damage he caused afterwards.

“He was a man of the Greater, biblical, Israel in 1971 when we moved to Kiryat Arba he came to visit us. The Labour Party constructed 250 homes in Kiryat Arba,” he explained saying that Peres helped provide an infrastructure for the residents. “He developed the national post in Kiryat Arba and created special stamps for the community,” Katzover said.

In his statement, Katzover explained that Peres had a heavy hand in shaping the settlements and that his involvement in the settlements is felt even today.

“Peres supported the settlement of Elon Moreh," Katzover said, "and he made sure that within a week we had public transportation there and he fulfilled all his promises. It’s too bad no one says today what Peres would say then which is that the Shomron is more important strategically than the Golan Heights. He said that those who opposed Jewish settlement in the Shomron are anti-Semitic.”

In spite of that, Katzover will not be attending the funeral and stated that, “they asked me and I said that I can't participate in the funeral of anyone who signed the Oslo Accords. My neighbor, Menachem Felix, lost his daughter immediately after Oslo.”

Katzover compared Peres to Former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon saying, “he is quite like Sharon in that regard, a cow that provides milk and then kicks the bucket over. Over the years, I lost touch with Peres,” But several years go when he shook his hand, “I reminded him that I have prime property in Shomron he smiled and I saw that he had a smile of contentment.”

“I am pleased that, despite all the damage he did, there is someone above is who managing the world despite the Oslo Accords, we have grown from being two hundred thousand to four hundred and fifty thousand settlers in Judea and Samaria. He himself knew that the new Middle East was not so new anymore as he had previously hoped. He saw very well what was happening around him,” Katzover said.