Abbas: Israel destroying two-state solution

'Israeli settlers are just like terrorists', says PA president at UN. Abbas demands UK apologize for Balfour Declaration.

Yoni Kempinski, A7 Staff, | updated: 20:08

Mahmoud Abbas at United Nations
Mahmoud Abbas at United Nations
United Nations

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas blasted Israel during an address at the United Nations General Assembly on Thursday, accusing the Jewish state of “extrajudicial executions”, the “colonization” of Judea and Samaria, and the abrogation of the Oslo Accords.

“Israel has violated its obligations in every area,” Abbas said in his speech. “With its settlement activity and with its violence against residents of our towns and villages and refugee camps. Israel is executing and attacking our people.”

“The 1993 Oslo Accords were intended to end the occupation and achieve the independence of the State of Palestine within five years. Yet, Israel reneged on the agreements it signed and, to this moment, persists with its occupation and continues to expand its illegal settlement enterprise, which undermines realization of the two-State solution on the basis of the 1967 borders.

“We remain committed to the agreements reached with Israel since 1993. However, Israel must reciprocate this commitment and must act forthwith to resolve all of the final status issues. It must cease all of its settlement colonization activities and aggressions against our cities, villages and refugee camps. It must cease its policies of collective punishment and its demolition of Palestinian homes. It must cease its extrajudicial executions and cease the arrest of our people, and must release the thousands of our prisoners and detainees. It must cease its aggression and provocations against the Holy Al-Aqsa Mosque. For all of these policies and practices prevent an environment in which peace can be realized in our region.”

The Palestinian Authority leader also compared Jews living in Judea and Samaria to Arab terrorists.

“The violent actions of Israeli settlers have reached the extent of the formation of terrorist groups that burn and kill entire families, destroy properties, and uproot the trees that are the livelihoods of Palestinian families.”

Abbas went on to chastise the United Kingdom, demanding an apology and reparations for the 1917 Balfour Declaration, which laid out the British government’s support for a Jewish national homeland in the Land of Israel.

“We ask Britain, as we approach 100 years since this notorious declaration to draw the necessary lessons and to bear its historic, legal, political, material and moral responsibilities for the consequences of this declaration, including an apology to the Palestinian people for the catastrophes, miseries and injustices that it created, and to act to rectify this historic catastrophe and remedy its consequences, including by recognition of the State of Palestine.”