Poll: Clinton leads over Trump among Jews

Hillary Clinton has a 42-point advantage over Donald Trump among Jewish voters, according to new poll.

Ben Ariel ,

Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton
Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has a large lead over her Republican rival Donald Trump among Jewish voters, according to a poll released Tuesday and quoted by The Hill.

Clinton has a 42-point advantage over Trump in a four-way matchup, according to the poll conducted by the research company SSRS for the American Jewish Committee.

The Democratic nominee is favored by 61 percent of Jewish voters, while Trump is backed by 19 percent of those polled.

In the matchup, Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson has the support of 6 percent of Jewish voters and Green Party nominee Jill Stein is backed by 3 percent.

Another 8 percent said they will not vote, according to The Hill.

The poll found that Clinton is seen as the candidate who will be more likely to promote U.S.-Israel relations, 57 percent to 22 percent.

She is also seen as more able than her Republican rival to deal effectively with Iran, 58 percent to 19 percent. As well, Clinton is viewed among Jews as being better able to handle terrorism than Trump and more likely to unite the country.

A recently conducted poll which focused specifically on Florida Jews also found that the majority of them would vote for Clinton over Trump.

The poll found Clinton was beating Trump among Florida Jews, 66 percent to 23 percent. The only exception was the Orthodox Jews in the state, who were the only Florida Jewish demographic to support Trump.

Jewish voters in the U.S. have traditionally favored the Democratic candidates. In the 2012 election, President Barack Obama won 69 percent of the Jewish vote. In 2008, he won 78 percent.