Pro Israel support outside King of Holland palace

Tens of members of the Lev Olam organization held a demonstration in support of Prime Minister Netanyahu during his meeting with Dutch king.

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Yedidia Ben Or , | updated: 9:08 PM

The pro-Israel demonstration
The pro-Israel demonstration
Photo: PR

Tens of members of the Lev Ha'Olam organization held a demonstration of support for Prime Minister Netanyahu outside the palace of King Willem Alexander of Holland during his meeting with the Dutch monarch.

The members of the organization flew Israel flags and expressed their support for Netanyahu and the State of Israel.

The demonstrators, led by two Lev Olam activists named Brenda and Sabina, began with chants of "Am Yisrael Chai" ["The nation of Israel lives"] as BDS activists held a counter-demonstration near them.

Attorney Nati Rom, the founder of Lev Ha'Olam, is slated to hold meetings next week in Holland with leading public intellectuals opposed to the economic boycott of the State of Israel.

Rom will also give lectures on a wide range of different communities around Holland.

"We who are following and fighting the boycotters see great importance in strengthening the Prime Minister all over the world. It is important that people know that Lev Ha'Olam are to be found everywhere for the people of Israel and the State of Israel," Rom declares.

Netanyahu later thanked the demonstrators on his Facebook page:

"Thank you to everyone in the Netherlands who rallied in support of Israel and stood against a campaign of hate. I saw you as I was entering Noordeinde Palace in order to meet with the king of the Netherlands, Willem-Alexander. I was very moved!"