Israel returns body of terrorist murderer

Terrorist buried in 'Jihadists' cemetery' in Jerusalem.

Benny Moshe ,


The body of Baha Alyan, a terrorist responsible for the murder of three Jews in 2015, was returned to his family overnight and buried in Jerusalem.

Alyan, who together with Bilal Ghanem murdered three Jews in an attack on a passenger bus in the Armon HaNatziv neighborhood in the capital last October, was shot and killed by a security guard in the midst of his murderous rampage. Ghanem was captured following the attack and convicted on three counts of murder.

Police returned Alyan’s body to relatives of the terrorist after they agreed to limit the number of participants at the funeral to 25, putting up 20,000 shekels as collateral to ensure the arrangement was kept.

The terrorist’s body was buried in the Al-Mujahidin (‘The Jihadis’) Cemetery on Salah ad-Din Street, near the Old City of Jerusalem.

Richard Lakin, 76, a dual American-Israeli citizen, was among the victims killed by Alyan, along with Haim Haviv, 78, and Alon Andre Govberg, 51.