Canada: Author of anti-Semitic post investigated

Police in Calgary launch an investigation into an anti-Semitic Facebook post that was exposed by B’nai Brith.

Dalit Halevi ,

Police in Canada
Police in Canada

Police in Calgary, Canada, have launched an investigation into an anti-Semitic Facebook post that was exposed by B’nai Brith Canada last Friday, the organization said on its website.

The post in question was a graphic explicitly calling for the genocide of all Jews and was posted as a comment on the Facebook wall of a University of Lethbridge Professor Anthony Hall. It depicted a white man assaulting an Orthodox Jew, accompanied by a lengthy, violent anti-Semitic screed beside the photograph, according to the B'nai Brith statement.

The organization noted that Hall, who is well-known for using academic credentials to deny the Holocaust, was not responsible for posting the antisemitic graphic. The Facebook profile responsible was under the name of Glen Davidson.

The image was accompanied by the message, “There never was a ‘Holocaust’, but there should have been and, rest assured, there WILL be, as you serpentine kikes richly deserve one.”

The image text ended with the entreaty “KILL ALL JEWS NOW! EVERY LAST ONE!”

B'nai Brith Canada noted that Facebook initially determined that the post “doesn’t violate its Community Standards” and the global social media giant refused a request by B’nai Brith to remove it.

Thanks to an overwhelming response from B'nai Brith supporters, however, Facebook was pressured into removing the offensive post.

“B’nai Brith will continue to monitor the police investigation and will keep the community updated on its progress,” said the organization.