Hilary Clinton dismisses rumors about her health

Appearing on a talk show on Monday night, Clinton dismissed rumors about the quality of her health and said they 'make no sense'.

Yoel Domb ,

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הילארי קלינטון
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During an appearance on JImmy Kimmel Live on Monday night, Hilary Clinton shrugged off questions about her health and argued that speculation about these issues "makes no sense" since she herself does not question Donald Trump's health.

New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani had questioned Clinton's mental and physical stamina in a recent interview on Fox News. When Kimmel asked whether Giuliani's claims were true, Clinton extended her wrist and told Kimmel to take her pulse and "make sure I'm alive."

Kimmel took her pulse and jokingly said ""Oh my God, there's nothing there!". He then produced a jar of pickles and asked her to open it, which she did while pretending to exert excessive energy.

Clinton added that she felt the campaign had entered an "alternative universe" when questions about her health had arisen, adding that she saw it as part of the "wacky strategy" of the GOP to depict her as unhealthy.

When asked how she was preparing for the presidential debates due to begin next month, Clinton said that "You've got to be prepared for wacky stuff. I'm planning on drawing on my experiences from elementary school."

In his interview Kimmel also referred to the growing criticism about Clinton's use of a private e-mail server for sensitive government business. He suggested that she consider using "FaceTime" as an alternative to email. Clinton agreed that this would be "good advice" but said that she would be "distraught" if she could not use technology while she is on the road.