Police recommend trial for hit-and-run driver

More details of the case emerge as police recommend a man stand trial for running over a 6 year-old boy on Shabbat - then fleeing the scene.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

The driver suspected of running over a child in Jerusalem
The driver suspected of running over a child in Jerusalem
Yonatan Sindel/Flash 90

The Jerusalem Magistrate's Traffic Court extended the arrest of a hit-and-run driver by three days. The driver is suspected of running over a 6 year-old boy at the Bar Ilan Intersection in Jerusalem.

During the court proceedings, police filed a recommendation to prosecute against the man, and on Wednesday, prosecutors are expected to file an indictment for abandoning the scene after the accident, obstruction of justice, and driving without a license.

Over Shabbat, Jerusalem police caught the man, who is suspected of striking a child at Bar Ilan Junction, causing him grave injury on his head and abdomen.

Police have impounded his car (a Toyota Corolla), when it was found parked and camouflaged on Petahya Street in the city.

Police preliminary investigations indicate that the driver, 21, was in a car with his little brother and a friend, who is known to the police, but is not yet arrested.

The three drove from the direction of Shmuel Hanavi Street toward Ramot. At Bar Ilan Junction, the suspect seems to have struck the 6 year-old boy, who was reportedly crossing in the crosswalk.

The boy was critically injured, but Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital announced today that his situation is improving. He has been transferred from the ICU unit to normal hospitalization, and is fully conscious.