'We need a final solution for Zionists'

Official at Islamic University in Lucca calls for 'final solution for Zionists', slams Italian Prime Minister.

David Rosenberg ,

Flash 90

A senior official at the Islamic University in Lucca, Italy published a series of controversial Facebook posts, blasting the Italian Prime Minister and demanding “a final solution” for Zionists.

The official, Rafelo Vilni, condemned Zionism, saying “there needs to be a final solution for Zionists,” adding that “real Jews are the victims of Zionism”.

The post was later deleted, but not before the Israeli Embassy in Italy captured a screenshot of the message.

Vilni also posted a comment slamming Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi.

The Israeli Embassy forwarded the screenshots to a member of the Italian Senate’s Israel-Italy inter-parliamentary foundation, who filed a formal inquiry with the Italian Interior Ministry.